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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

loblɒb(v.; n.)lobbed, lob•bing

  1. (v.t.)to hit (a ball) in a high arc to the back of the opponent's court in tennis.

    Category: Sport

  2. to fire (a missile, as a shell) in a high trajectory so that it drops onto a target.

    Category: Military

  3. to bowl (the ball) with a slow underhand motion in cricket.

    Category: Sport

  4. to throw (something) slowly in an arc.

  5. (v.i.)to lob a ball.

    Category: Sport

  6. (n.)a lobbed ball.

    Category: Sport

Origin of lob:

1325–75; ME lobbe, lob bumpkin, clumsy person

Princeton's WordNet

  1. lob(noun)

    an easy return of a tennis ball in a high arc

  2. lob(verb)

    the act of propelling something (as a ball or shell etc.) in a high arc

  3. lob(verb)

    propel in a high arc

    "lob the tennis ball"


  1. lob(Noun)

    (ball sports) A pass or stroke which arches high into the air.

    The guard launched a desperate lob over the outstretched arms of the defender.

  2. lob(Verb)

    To throw or hit a ball into the air in a high arch.

  3. lob(Verb)

    To throw.

  4. lob

    To put, place

    Lob it in the pot.

  5. lob

    To hit, kick, or throw a ball over another player in a game.

  6. lob(Noun)

    a lump

  7. lob(Noun)

    a country bumpkin, clown

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lob(noun)

    a dull, heavy person

  2. Lob(noun)

    something thick and heavy

  3. Lob(verb)

    to let fall heavily or lazily

  4. Lob(verb)

    see Cob, v. t

  5. Lob(noun)

    the European pollock


  1. Lob

    A lob in tennis is hitting the ball high and deep into the opponent's court. It can be used as an offensive or defensive weapon depending on the situation.

Anagrams of lob

  1. LBO

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a slow, high throw, hit etc of a ball etc.

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