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  1. idler, loafer, do-nothing, layabout, bum(noun)

    person who does no work

    "a lazy bum"

  2. Loafer(noun)

    a low leather step-in shoe; the top resembles a moccasin but it has a broad flat heel

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  1. Loafer(n.)

    A type of shoe without laces which can be easily slipped on or off; -- originally a trademark; as, he bought a new pair of loafers.

  2. Origin: [G. lufer a runner, Prov. G. laufer, lofer, fr. laufen to run. See Leap.]

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  1. loafer(Noun)

    An idle person.

  2. loafer(Noun)

    A shoe with no laces, resembling a moccasin.

  3. Origin: Perhaps short for landloafer, possibly a partial translation of German Landläufer [Cf Dial Ger loofen "to run"]; or connected to lo(o)ve, lo(o)ffinge "a remnant, the rest, that which remains or lingers" from laf. Akin to Scots lave "the rest, remainder", Old English lǣfan "to leave behind". More at leave

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  1. Loafer(noun)

    one who loafs; a lazy lounger

  2. Origin: [G. lufer a runner, Prov. G. laufer, lofer, fr. laufen to run. See Leap.]

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  1. loafer

    The man who is usually busy keeping some one else from working.

Translations for loafer

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • хайлазинBulgarian
  • FaulpelzGerman
  • mocasín, haragán, gandul, holgazánSpanish
  • louferi, tyhjäntoimittajaFinnish
  • mocassin, oisifFrench
  • liúdramánIrish
  • semmittevő, naplopó, léhűtőHungarian
  • pantofelIndonesian
  • mocassinoItalian
  • inukorokoro, kaihau, parakūkā, kaitahaumuMāori
  • nietsnut, leegloperDutch
  • безде́льник, безде́льница, лоботря́ска, лентя́й, лентя́йка, ло́дырь, лежебо́ка, лоботря́сRussian
  • lofaSwahili

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