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Princeton's WordNet

  1. lewd, obscene, raunchy, salacious(adj)

    suggestive of or tending to moral looseness

    "lewd whisperings of a dirty old man"; "an indecent gesture"; "obscene telephone calls"; "salacious limericks"

  2. lascivious, lewd, libidinous, lustful(adj)

    driven by lust; preoccupied with or exhibiting lustful desires

    "libidinous orgies"


  1. lewd(Adjective)

    Lascivious, sexually promiscuous, rude.

  2. lewd(Adjective)

    Lay; not clerical.

  3. lewd(Adjective)


  4. lewd(Adjective)

    Vulgar, common; typical of the lower orders.

  5. lewd(Adjective)

    Base, vile, reprehensible.

  6. Origin: From leud, leued, lewed, from læwede, of obscure origin; most likely a derivative of the past participle of læwan in the sense of "exposed as being unlearned" or "easily betrayed, clueless", from lēwijanan, from lēwan, from lēw-. Cognate with gilaen, firlaen, 03320330033B03340345033E0330033D, 033B03340345, 033B033403450330.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lewd

    not clerical; laic; laical; hence, unlearned; simple

  2. Lewd

    belonging to the lower classes, or the rabble; idle and lawless; bad; vicious

  3. Lewd

    given to the promiscuous indulgence of lust; dissolute; lustful; libidinous

  4. Lewd

    suiting, or proceeding from, lustfulness; involving unlawful sexual desire; as, lewd thoughts, conduct, or language

Anagrams of lewd »

  1. weld, Weld

  2. Weld

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