Definitions for lenientˈli ni ənt, ˈlin yənt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

le•ni•entˈli ni ənt, ˈlin yənt(adj.)

  1. agreeably tolerant; not strict or severe; indulgent:

    to be lenient toward the children.

  2. Archaic.soothing.

Origin of lenient:

1645–55; < L lēnient-, s. of lēniēns, prp. of lēnīre to soften, alleviate. See lenis , -ent



Princeton's WordNet

  1. indulgent, lenient, soft(adj)

    tolerant or lenient

    "indulgent parents risk spoiling their children"; "too soft on the children"; "they are soft on crime"

  2. lenient(adj)

    not strict

    "an easy teacher"; "easy standards"; "lenient rules"; "an easy penalty"

  3. lenient(adj)

    characterized by tolerance and mercy


  1. lenient(Adjective)

    lax; tolerant of deviation; permissive; not strict

    The standard is fairly lenient, so use your discretion.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lenient(adj)

    relaxing; emollient; softening; assuasive; -- sometimes followed by of

  2. Lenient(adj)

    mild; clement; merciful; not rigorous or severe; as, a lenient disposition; a lenient judge or sentence

  3. Lenient(noun)

    a lenitive; an emollient

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


merciful or punishing only lightly

You are much too lenient with wrongdoers.

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