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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

lapselæps(n.; v.)lapsed, laps•ing.

  1. (n.)an accidental or temporary decline or deviation from an expected or accepted condition or state:

    a lapse of justice.

  2. a slip or error, often of a trivial sort:

    a lapse of memory.

  3. an interval or passage of time; elapsed period.

  4. a moral fall, as from rectitude or virtue.

  5. a fall or decline to a lower grade, condition, or degree:

    a lapse into savagery.

  6. the act of falling, slipping, sliding, etc., slowly or by degrees.

  7. a falling into disuse.

  8. termination of an insurance policy, due to nonpayment of a premium.

    Category: Business

  9. Law. the termination of a right or privilege through neglect to exercise it or through failure of some contingency.

    Category: Law

  10. Category: Meteorology

    Ref: lapse rate.

  11. Archaic. a gentle, downward flow, as of water.

  12. (v.i.)to fall or deviate from a previous standard; fail to maintain a normative level.

  13. to come to an end; stop:

    We let our subscription lapse.

  14. to fall, slip, or sink; subside:

    to lapse into silence.

  15. to fall into disuse:

    The custom lapsed after many years.

  16. to deviate or abandon principles, beliefs, etc.:

    to lapse into heresy.

  17. to fall spiritually, as an apostate.

  18. to pass away, as time; elapse.

  19. (of an insurance policy) to cease being in force; terminate.

    Category: Business

  20. Law. to become void, as a legacy to someone who dies before the testator.

    Category: Law

Origin of lapse:

1520–30; < L lāpsus an error, slipping =lāb(ī) to slip, err +-sus, for -tus suffix of v. action



Princeton's WordNet

  1. oversight, lapse(noun)

    a mistake resulting from inattention

  2. lapse(noun)

    a break or intermission in the occurrence of something

    "a lapse of three weeks between letters"

  3. backsliding, lapse, lapsing, relapse, relapsing, reversion, reverting(verb)

    a failure to maintain a higher state

  4. sink, pass, lapse(verb)

    pass into a specified state or condition

    "He sank into nirvana"

  5. lapse(verb)

    end, at least for a long time

    "The correspondence lapsed"

  6. lapse, backslide(verb)

    drop to a lower level, as in one's morals or standards

  7. relapse, lapse, recidivate, regress, retrogress, fall back(verb)

    go back to bad behavior

    "Those who recidivate are often minor criminals"

  8. lapse(verb)

    let slip

    "He lapsed his membership"

  9. elapse, lapse, pass, slip by, glide by, slip away, go by, slide by, go along(verb)

    pass by

    "three years elapsed"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. lapse(noun)æps

    when sth fails or is not done properly

    a lapse in concentration; a momentary lapse of common sense

  2. lapseæps

    an interval of time between

    There was a lapse of seven years between our first date and our marriage.

  3. lapse(verb)æps

    (of sth official) to stop being effective or valid

    The agreement will lapse if payments are not made.


  1. lapse(Noun)

    A temporary failure; a slip.

  2. lapse(Noun)

    A decline or fall in standards.

  3. lapse(Noun)

    A pause in continuity.

  4. lapse(Noun)

    An interval of time between events.

  5. lapse(Noun)

    A termination of a right etc, through disuse or neglect.

  6. lapse(Noun)

    (weather) A marked decrease in air temperature with increasing altitude because the ground is warmer than the surrounding air. This condition usually occurs when skies are clear and between 1100 and 1600 hours, local time. Strong convection currents exist during lapse conditions. For chemical operations, the state is defined as unstable. This condition is normally considered the most unfavorable for the release of chemical agents. See lapse rate.

  7. lapse(Noun)

    A common-law rule that if the person to whom property is willed were to die before the testator, then the gift would be ineffective.

  8. lapse(Verb)

    To fall away gradually; to subside

  9. lapse(Verb)

    To fall into error or heresy

  10. lapse(Verb)

    To slip into a bad habit that one is trying to avoid.

  11. lapse(Verb)

    To become void

  12. Origin: From laps, from lapsus, from .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lapse(noun)

    a gliding, slipping, or gradual falling; an unobserved or imperceptible progress or passing away,; -- restricted usually to immaterial things, or to figurative uses

  2. Lapse(noun)

    a slip; an error; a fault; a failing in duty; a slight deviation from truth or rectitude

  3. Lapse(noun)

    the termination of a right or privilege through neglect to exercise it within the limited time, or through failure of some contingency; hence, the devolution of a right or privilege

  4. Lapse(noun)

    a fall or apostasy

  5. Lapse(verb)

    to pass slowly and smoothly downward, backward, or away; to slip downward, backward, or away; to glide; -- mostly restricted to figurative uses

  6. Lapse(verb)

    to slide or slip in moral conduct; to fail in duty; to fall from virtue; to deviate from rectitude; to commit a fault by inadvertence or mistake

  7. Lapse(verb)

    to fall or pass from one proprietor to another, or from the original destination, by the omission, negligence, or failure of some one, as a patron, a legatee, etc

  8. Lapse(verb)

    to become ineffectual or void; to fall

  9. Lapse(verb)

    to let slip; to permit to devolve on another; to allow to pass

  10. Lapse(verb)

    to surprise in a fault or error; hence, to surprise or catch, as an offender

Anagrams of lapse

  1. leaps, pales, peals, pleas, salep, sepal, spale

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a mistake or failure (in behaviour, memory etc)

a lapse of memory.

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