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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

lameleɪm(adj.)lam•er, lam•est

  1. (adj.)crippled or physically disabled, esp. in the foot or leg so as to cause limping.

  2. being stiff and sore:

    a lame arm from playing tennis.

  3. weak; inadequate:

    a lame excuse.

  4. Slang. square; ineffectual.

    Category: Common Vocabulary, Status (usage)

  5. (v.t.)to make lame or defective.

Origin of lame:

bef. 900; ME; OE lama, c. OS lamo, OHG lam, ON lami


lameleɪm, læm(n.)

  1. one of a number of overlapping steel plates joined in a suit of armor.

    Category: Heraldry

Origin of lame:

1580–90; < MF < L lāmina; see lamina

la•mélæˈmeɪ, lɑ-(n.)

  1. an ornamental fabric in which metallic threads, as of gold or silver, are woven with silk, wool, rayon, or cotton.

    Category: Textiles

Origin of lamé:

1920–25; < F, =lamelame2+ < L -ātus -ate1

Princeton's WordNet

  1. lameness, limping, gimp, gimpiness, gameness, claudication(noun)

    disability of walking due to crippling of the legs or feet

  2. lameness(noun)

    an imperfection or defectiveness

    "a stylist noted for the lameness of his plots"


  1. lameness(Noun)

    A impediment to walking due to the feet or legs.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lameness(noun)

    the condition or quality of being lame; as, the lameness of an excuse or an argument


  1. Lameness

    Lameness in horses and other equidae is a term used to refer to any number of conditions where the animal fails to travel in a regular and sound manner on all four feet. There are many causes of lameness, which can be broadly grouped into the following categories: ⁕Laminitis or other inflammatory diseases of the hoof ⁕Injury to bone, muscle, tendons or ligaments, ranging from pulled muscles to broken bones. ⁕Complications of inflammation or stocking up related to overwork ⁕Injury induced by compensation for strain or pain in other parts of the body, particularly the back ⁕Neurological disorders, such as Wobbler's syndrome ⁕Swelling and inflammation linked to infection, such as cellulitis or thrush. ⁕Hoof problems, including injury, disease and poor farrier work ⁕Diseases affecting connective tissue, such as Equine Exertional Rhabdomyolysis and HYPP ⁕Conformation defect leading to stress or injury, such as cow-hocked or sickle-hocked conformation.

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