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  1. lambda particle, lambda hyperon(noun)

    an electrically neutral baryon with isotopic spin 1


  1. lambda particle(Noun)

    lambda baryon


  1. Lambda baryon

    The Lambda baryons are a family of subatomic hadron particles that have the symbols Λ0, Λ+ c, Λ0 b, and Λ+ t and have +1 elementary charge or are neutral. They are baryons containing three different quarks: one up, one down, and one third quark, which can be a strange, a charm, a bottom, or a top quark. The top Lambda is not expected to be observed as the Standard Model predicts the mean lifetime of top quarks to be roughly 5×10^− s. This is about one-twentieth the timescale for strong interactions, and, therefore it does not form hadrons. The Lambda baryon Λ0 was first discovered in October 1950, by V. D. Hopper and S. Biswas of the University of Melbourne, as a neutral V particle with a proton as a decay product, thus correctly distinguishing it as a baryon, rather than a meson i.e., different in kind from the K meson discovered in 1947 by Rochester and Butler; they were produced by cosmic rays and detected in photographic emulsions flown in a balloon at 70,000 feet. Though the particle was expected to live for ~1×10^− s, it actually survived for ~1×10^− s. The property that caused it to live so long was dubbed strangeness and led to the discovery of the strange quark.


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