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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


or lac 1 2

  1. (in India) the sum of l00,000, esp. of rupees.

    Category: Indian (India)

Origin of lakh:

1605–15; < Hindi lākh; cf. Skt lakṣa a hundred thousand

Princeton's WordNet

  1. hundred thousand, 100000, lakh(noun)

    the cardinal number that is the fifth power of ten


  1. lakh(Numeral)

    One hundred thousand, used especially of units of money.

    1972, But they were both killed in the same engagement against Tippoo Sahib, her father owing ten lakhs of rupees and her husband nearly half that sum. u2014 Patrick O'Brian, Post Captain - West Indies

  2. Origin: لاکھ, from लाख, from लक्षं.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lakh(noun)

    one hundred thousand; also, a vaguely great number; as, a lac of rupees

  2. Lakh(noun)

    same as Lac, one hundred thousand


  1. Lakh

    A lakh is a unit in the South Asian numbering system equal to one hundred thousand, written as 100,000. It is widely used both in official and other contexts in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It is often used in Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan English.


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