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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

la•i•tyˈleɪ ɪ ti(n.)

  1. the body of religious worshipers, as distinguished from the clergy.

  2. the people outside of a particular profession, as distinguished from those belonging to it.

Origin of laity:

1535–45; lay3+ -ity

Princeton's WordNet

  1. laity, temporalty(noun)

    in Christianity, members of a religious community that do not have the priestly responsibilities of ordained clergy


  1. laity(Noun)

    people of a church who are not ordained clergy or clerics.

  2. laity(Noun)

    the common man or woman

  3. laity(Noun)

    the unlearned, untrained or ignorant as in u201CThe Laymanu2019s Guide to Basket Weavingu201D

  4. Origin: From laitas, from λαός

Webster Dictionary

  1. Laity(adj)

    the people, as distinguished from the clergy; the body of the people not in orders

  2. Laity(adj)

    the state of a layman

  3. Laity(adj)

    those who are not of a certain profession, as law or medicine, in distinction from those belonging to it


  1. Laity

    In religious organizations, the laity consists of all members who are not a part of the clergy, whether they are or are not members of religious institutes, for example a nun or lay brother. In Christian cultures, the term lay priest is sometimes used in the past to refer to a secular priest, a diocesan priest who is not a member of a religious institute. Terms such as lay priest, lay clergy and lay nun were also once used in Buddhist cultures to indicate ordained persons who continued to live in the wider community instead of retiring to a monastery. In the context of specialized professions, the term lay is often used to refer to those who are not members of that profession. The word lay derives from the Anglo-French lai.

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  1. Italy


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