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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

la•icˈleɪ ɪk(adj.)

  1. Also, la′i•cal. lay; secular.

  2. (n.)one of the laity.

Origin of laic:

1555–65; < LL lāicus < Gk lāikós of the people =lā(ós) people +-ikos -ic


Princeton's WordNet

  1. laic, lay, secular(adj)

    characteristic of those who are not members of the clergy

    "set his collar in laic rather than clerical position"; "the lay ministry"


  1. laic(Noun)

    A layperson, as opposed to a member of the clergy.

  2. laic(Adjective)

    Lay, relating to laypersons, as opposed to clerical.

  3. Origin: From laicus, from λαός.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Laic(adj)

    alt. of Laical

  2. Laic(noun)

    a layman

Anagrams of laic

  1. Cali

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


not a member of the clergy

lay preachers.

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