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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

kook•a•bur•raˈkʊk əˌbɜr ə, -ˌbʌr ə(n.)(pl.)-ras.

  1. any of several Australian and Papuan birds of the genus Dacelo, of the kingfisher family, esp. D. gigas, having a loud call that resembles laughter.

    Category: Ornithology

Origin of kookaburra:

1885–90; < Wiradjuri (Australian Aboriginal language)

Princeton's WordNet

  1. kookaburra, laughing jackass, Dacelo gigas(noun)

    Australian kingfisher having a loud cackling cry


  1. kookaburra(Noun)

    Any of several species of kingfishers in the genus Dacelo, known for their laugh-like call.

  2. Origin: From gugubarra.


  1. Kookaburra

    Kookaburras are terrestrial tree kingfishers native to Australia and New Guinea. They are large to very large, with a total length of 28–42 cm. The name is a loanword from Wiradjuri guuguubarra, and is onomatopoeic of its call. The single member of the genus Clytoceyx, though commonly referred to as the Shovel-billed Kookaburra, is not treated in this article. Kookaburras are best known for their unmistakable call, which sounds uncannily like loud, echoing human laughter – good-natured, but rather hysterical, merriment in the case of the renowned Laughing Kookaburra; and maniacal cackling in the case of the slightly smaller Blue-winged Kookaburra. They are generally not closely associated with water, and can be found in habitats ranging from humid forest to arid savanna, but also in suburban and residential areas with tall trees or near running water and where food can be searched for easily.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary

laughing jackass

a type of Australian bird that sounds as if it is laughing.

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