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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

KOˈkeɪˈoʊ, ˈkeɪˌoʊ; ˈkeɪˈoʊ(n.; v.)(pl.)KOs or KO's

  1. (n.)a knockout in boxing.

    Category: Sport

  2. (v.t.)to knock unconscious in boxing; knock out.

    Category: Sport

Origin of KO:

1920–25; initial letters of knock out

Princeton's WordNet

  1. knockout, KO, kayo(noun)

    a blow that renders the opponent unconscious


  1. ko(Noun)

    a local shape to which the ko rule applies, a ko shape

    Black gets an easy game by just filling the ko.

  2. ko(Noun)

    ko fight

    Black wins the ko easily.

  3. ko(Noun)

    a stone in a ko in atari, a ko stone

    Black recaptures the ko and white has to find another ko threat.

  4. KO(Noun)

    A knock out.

    Black gets an easy game by just filling the ko.

  5. KO(Verb)

    To knock somebody out, to render somebody unconscious.

    Joe KO'd the other boxer.

  6. Origin: From Japanese 劫 (コウ, kō)


  1. Ko

    こ, in hiragana, or コ in katakana, is one of the Japanese kana, each of which represents one mora. Both represent IPA. The shape of these kana comes from the kanji 己. This character may be supplemented by a dakuten; it becomes ご in hiragana, ゴ in katakana, and go in Hepburn romanization. Also, the pronunciation is affected, transforming into in initial positions, and varying between and in the middle of words. A handakuten does not occur with ko in normal Japanese text, but it may be used by linguists to indicate a nasal pronunciation.

Anagrams of ko

  1. ok, OK

Translations for ko

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


(at or during) the time at which

It happened when I was abroad; When you see her, give her this message; When I've finished, I'll telephone you.

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