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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

knock•a•boutˈnɒk əˌbaʊt(n.)

  1. a small fore-and-aft–rigged sailboat with a mainsail and a jib but no bowsprit.

    Category: Navy

  2. something designed or suitable for rough or casual use, as a sturdy jacket or old car.

  3. (adj.)suitable for rough use, as a garment.

  4. rough; boisterous.

  5. slapstick:

    knockabout comedy.

    Category: Showbiz

  6. shiftless; aimless.

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. knockabout(adj)

    a sloop with a simplified rig and no bowsprit

  2. boisterous, knockabout(adj)

    full of rough and exuberant animal spirits

    "boisterous practical jokes"; "knockabout comedy"

  3. knockabout(adj)

    suitable for rough use

    "a knockabout overcoat"; "a knockabout old car"


  1. knockabout(Noun)

    A small sailboat lacking a bowsprit, of a type found primarily in the Massachusetts area

    We sailed our knockabout around Cape Cod.

  2. knockabout(Noun)

    A slapstick comedy or comedian.

  3. knockabout(Noun)

    A tumbler.

  4. knockabout(Noun)

    Clothing suitable for rough use.

  5. knockabout(Noun)

    Workers habitually engaged in casual employment.

  6. knockabout(Noun)

    People living in rough, violent conditions.

  7. knockabout(Adjective)


  8. knockabout(Adjective)

    Suitable for rough use.

    I have a knockabout cello for non-concert gigs.


  1. Cape Cod Knockabout

    A Cape Cod Knockabout, or Knockabout, is a one-design class of 18-foot sail boat sailed primarily out of Upper Cape harbors in Massachusetts, USA. Knockabouts were designed by Charles S. Gurney and were popular in the 1940s and well into the 1970s with fleets of 50-60 boats at the annual regatta of the Knockabout Class. There are still active racing fleets in Megansett, Waquoit,Lewis Bay, and Woods Hole. There is also a small racing fleet at the Split Rock Yacht Club in Essex, New York, on Lake Champlain. There are many, many knockabouts throughout Southern New England that are still used for pleasure sailing. The Town of Yarmouth Recreation Dept. owns and runs the Lewis Bay fleet where most of their 15 boats are used for sail training. Hundreds of sailors of all ages have gone through the Yarmouth program using the knockabout to learn on. Yarmouth also maintains a select group of their knockabouts for their racing program. Thirteen to sixteen Knockabouts race in Woods Hole Harbor every Wednesday, with a ladies race on Thursday,and a Spinnaker race on Sunday afternoons. The Cape Cod Knockabout Association holds an annual regatta each summer which is held at one of the above four Cape Cod locations on a rotating basis. Nearly 20 boats attend this regatta each year. Local fleets are generally increasing their numbers. Cape Cod Ship Building in Wareham manufactures the boat.


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