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  1. Klippel-Feil Syndrome

    A condition characterized by shortness of the neck resulting from reduction in the number of vertebrae or the fusion of multiple hemivertebrae into one osseous mass. The hairline is low and the motion of the neck is limited. (Dorland, 27th ed)


  1. Klippel–Feil syndrome

    Klippel–Feil syndrome is a rare disease, initially reported in 1912 by Maurice Klippel and André Feil from France, characterized by the congenital fusion of any 2 of the 7 cervical vertebrae. The syndrome occurs in a heterogeneous group of patients unified only by the presence of a congenital defect in the formation or segmentation of the cervical spine. Klippel–Feil syndrome can be identified by shortness of the neck. Those with the syndrome have a very low hairline and the ability of the neck to move is limited. In 1919, André Feil in his PhD thesis, suggested another classification of the syndrome encompassing not only deformation of the cervical spine but also deformation of the lumbar and thoracic spine. Today, any congenital fusion of at least two vertebrae could be considered to be a manifestation of the Klippel–Feil syndrome.


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