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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

klax•onˈklæk sən(n.)

  1. a loud electric horn often used as a warning signal.

    Category: Automotive

Origin of klaxon:

1905–10, Amer.; formerly a trademark

Princeton's WordNet

  1. klaxon, claxon(noun)

    a kind of loud horn formerly used on motor vehicles


  1. klaxon(Noun)

    A loud electric horn or alarm.


  1. Vehicle horn

    A vehicle horn is a sound-making device used to warn others of the approach of the vehicle or of its presence. Automobiles, trucks, ships, and trains are all required by law in some countries to have horns. Bicycles in many areas are also legally required to have an audible warning device in many jurisdictions, but not universally, and not always a horn.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


the apparatus in a car etc which gives a warning sound

The driver blew his horn.

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