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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

kir•tleˈkɜr tl(n.)

  1. a woman's loose gown, worn in the Middle Ages.

    Category: Clothing

  2. Archaic. a man's tunic or coat.

    Category: Clothing

Origin of kirtle:

bef. 900; OE cyrtel, appar. der. of cyrt(an) to shorten (蠐 L curtus shortened)


Princeton's WordNet

  1. kirtle(noun)

    a garment resembling a tunic that was worn by men in the Middle Ages

  2. kirtle(noun)

    a long dress worn by women


  1. kirtle(Noun)

    A knee-length tunic.

  2. Origin: Cognate with Old Norse kyrtill ( whence Danish kjortel and Icelandic kyrtill). Compare German Kittel.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Kirtle(noun)

    a garment varying in form and use at different times, and worn doth by men and women


  1. Kirtle

    A kirtle is a garment worn by men and women in the Middle Ages or, later, a one-piece garment worn by women from the later Middle Ages into the Baroque period. The kirtle was typically worn over a chemise or smock which acted as a slip and under the formal outer garment or gown/surcoat. Kirtles were part of fashionable attire into the middle sixteenth century, and remained part of country or middle-class clothing into the seventeenth century. Kirtles began as loose garments without a waist seam, changing to tightly fitted supportive garments in the 14th century. Later kirtles could be constructed by combining a fitted bodice with a skirt gathered or pleated into the waist seam. Kirtles could lace up the front, back or side-back, with some rare cases of side lacing, all depending on the fashion of the day/place and what kind of gown was to be worn over it.

Anagrams of kirtle

  1. kilter

  2. Kitler


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