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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

kin•ka•jouˈkɪŋ kəˌdʒu(n.)(pl.)-jous.

  1. a brownish arboreal mammal, Potos flavus, of the raccoon family, of tropical America, having a prehensile tail.

    Category: Mammals

Origin of kinkajou:

1790–1800; < F: wolverine (misapplied by Buffon to Potos flavus), earlier quincajou, appar. a conflation of carcajou with Ojibwa kwi·nkwaˀa·ke· a cognate word

Princeton's WordNet

  1. kinkajou, honey bear, potto, Potos flavus, Potos caudivolvulus(noun)

    arboreal fruit-eating mammal of tropical America with a long prehensile tail

  2. potto, kinkajou, Perodicticus potto(noun)

    a kind of lemur


  1. kinkajou(Noun)

    A carnivorous mammal of Central America and South America with a long, prehensile tail, related to the raccoon.

  2. Origin: From quincajou, from a Native American source, probably originally meaning ‘wolverine’ (compare Algonquin Kwingwaage).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Kinkajou(noun)

    a nocturnal carnivorous mammal (Cercoleptes caudivolvulus) of South America, about as large as a full-grown cat. It has a prehensile tail and lives in trees. It is the only representative of a distinct family (Cercoleptidae) allied to the raccoons. Called also potto, and honey bear


  1. Kinkajou

    The kinkajou, also known as the 'honey bear', is a rainforest mammal of the family Procyonidae related to olingos, coatis, raccoons, and the ringtail and cacomistle. It is the only member of the genus Potos. Kinkajous may be mistaken for ferrets or monkeys, but are not closely related to either. Native to Central America and South America, this mostly frugivorous, arboreal mammal is not an endangered species, though it is seldom seen by people because of its strict nocturnal habits. However, they are hunted for the pet trade, for their fur and for their meat. The species has been included in Appendix III of CITES by Honduras, which means that exports from Honduras require an export permit and exports from other countries require a certificate of origin or re-export. They may live up to 40 years in captivity.


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