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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to deprive of life; cause the death of; slay.

  2. to destroy; do away with; extinguish.

  3. to neutralize the active qualities of:

    to kill an odor.

  4. to spoil the effect of:

    His extra brushwork killed the painting.

  5. to cause (time) to pass with a minimum of boredom.

  6. to spend (time) unprofitably.

  7. Informal. to overcome completely or with irresistible effect:

    That comedian kills me.

    Category: Informal

  8. Informal. to cause distress or discomfort to.

    Category: Informal

  9. Informal. to tire completely; exhaust.

    Category: Informal

  10. Informal. to consume completely:

    They killed a bottle of bourbon.

    Category: Informal

  11. to cancel publication of (a word, item, etc.), esp. after it has been set in type.

  12. to defeat or veto (a legislative bill, etc.).

    Category: Government

  13. to turn off; switch off:

    to kill the lights; to kill an engine.

  14. to hit (a tennis ball, volleyball, etc.) with such force that its return is impossible.

    Category: Sport

  15. (v.i.)to inflict or cause death.

  16. to commit murder.

  17. to be killed.

  18. to overcome completely; produce an irresistible effect:

    dressed to kill.

  19. Informal. to feel a smarting pain, as from a minor accident; sting.

    Category: Informal

  20. kill off, to destroy completely.

    Category: Verb Phrase

  21. (n.)the act of killing, esp. game.

  22. an animal or animals killed.

  23. an act or instance of destroying a target, esp. an enemy aircraft.

    Category: Common Vocabulary

Origin of kill:

1175–1225; ME cullen, killen, OE *cyllan; akin to Fris küllen to vex, strike, OHG chollen to vex, kill; cf. quell



  1. a channel; creek; stream; river: used esp. in place names.

    Category: Dialect

* Chiefly New York State..

Origin of kill:

1660–70; < D kil, MD kille channel

Princeton's WordNet

  1. killable(adj)

    fit to kill, especially for food


  1. killable(Adjective)

    Fit to be killed, especially as a source of food


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