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  1. European Commission:

    Europe needs a kick-start and today the Commission is applying the jump leads.

  2. Chief Executive Bill Winters:

    The group needs to kick-start performance, reduce its cost base and bureaucracy ... and speed up decision making.

  3. Hakan Bjorkman:

    We need to kick-start counseling and testing on high risk groups, follow up on patients who have defaulted on their treatment, and restart campaigns in schools and public places now the bans have been lifted.

  4. Sonjoy Chatterjee:

    We believe the cyclical recovery in India has begun. The new government is focused on boosting potential growth and removing bottlenecks, which will kick start the investment and consumption cycles leading to enhanced GDP growth.

  5. Bill Diviney:

    Expectations were high when the military took over that they could kick-start spending quickly, but this has been difficult with the government's focus (rightly or wrongly) on constitutional reform, in hindsight, perhaps it was unrealistic to expect so much of a government that, for all intents and purposes, is a caretaker until democracy is restored.

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