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  1. kibitzer(noun)

    (Yiddish) a meddler who offers unwanted advice to others


  1. kibitzer(Noun)

    A person who offers unsolicited views, advice, or criticism; one who kibitzes.

    Did I ask you what you thought about my card hand, you kibitzer!


  1. Kibitzer

    A kibitzer is a non-participant person, offering advice or commentary. This Yiddish term is used in Contract bridge, chess, Go, and many other games. Kibitz is also a term referring to circular commenting. One person comments, then the other person comments. A back-and-forth conversation outside the main issue, where the people having the conversation are not directly participating. In computer science the term is the title of a programming language released by NIST as a sub-project of the Expect programming language, that allows two users to share one shell session, taking turns typing one after another. There is a 1930 film called The Kibitzer which is based on the 1929 three-act comedy play by the same name. Jane Jacobs refers to a kibitzer as someone who can look out onto a street, and if they saw any suspicious activity, will intervene and help the victim. In this way, kibitzers help keep streets safe.

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