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  1. keynote(noun)

    the principal theme in a speech or literary work

  2. keynote(noun)

    a fundamental or central idea

  3. tonic, keynote(verb)

    (music) the first note of a diatonic scale

  4. keynote(verb)

    set the keynote of

    "Comfort keynotes this designer's Fall collection"

  5. keynote(verb)

    give the keynote address to (an audience)

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  1. keynote(Noun)

    The note on which a musical key is based.

  2. keynote(Noun)

    The main theme of a speech, a written work, or a conference.

  3. keynote(Noun)

    A speech that sets the main theme of a conference or other gathering; a keynote speech or keynote address.

  4. keynote(Verb)

    To deliver a speech that sets the main theme of a conference or other gathering.

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  1. Keynote(noun)

    the tonic or first tone of the scale in which a piece or passage is written; the fundamental tone of the chord, to which all the modulations of the piece are referred; -- called also key tone

  2. Keynote(noun)

    the fundamental fact or idea; that which gives the key; as, the keynote of a policy or a sermon

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  1. Keynote

    A keynote in literature, music, or public speaking is a talk that establishes the main underlying theme. In corporate or commercial settings, greater importance is attached to the delivery of a keynote speech or keynote address. The keynote lays the framework for the following programme of events or convention agenda; frequently the role of keynote speaker will include the role of convention moderator. It will also flag up a larger idea — a literary story, an individual musical piece or event. At political or industrial conventions and expositions and at academic conferences, the keynote address or keynote speech is delivered to set the underlying tone and summarize the core message or most important revelation of the event. Some of the more famous keynote speeches in the United States are those made at the party conventions during Democratic and Republican presidential campaigns. Keynote speakers at these events have often gained nationwide fame; for example, Barack Obama at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and have occasionally influenced the course of the election. In the commercial arena, Steve Jobs delivered some of the most influential keynote speeches at Apple product, system and service launches.

Translations for keynote

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  • toonika, pääpuhe, avauspuhe, pääaihe, perussävelFinnish
  • bun-smooinaghtManx
  • presentazione, tonica, argomentoItalian
  • keynotePortuguese
  • inledningsföredrag, nyckelanförande, tema, öppningstal, grundtonSwedish

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