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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ker•mesˈkɜr miz(n.)

  1. a red dye formerly prepared from the dried bodies of the females of a scale insect

    Kermes ilices.

    Category: Chemistry

Origin of kermes:

1600–10; < F kermès < Ar qirmiz < Pers; cf. crimson


  1. kermes(Noun)

    any of several insects of the genus Kermes

  2. kermes(Noun)

    Crimson dye made from the crushed bodies of these insects

  3. Origin: From (qermez).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Kermes(noun)

    the dried bodies of the females of a scale insect (Coccus ilicis), allied to the cochineal insect, and found on several species of oak near the Mediterranean. They are round, about the size of a pea, contain coloring matter analogous to carmine, and are used in dyeing. They were anciently thought to be of a vegetable nature, and were used in medicine

  2. Kermes(noun)

    a small European evergreen oak (Quercus coccifera) on which the kermes insect (Coccus ilicis) feeds


  1. Kermes

    Kermes is a genus of scale insects in the order Hemiptera. They feed on the sap of evergreen oaks; the females produce a red dye, also called "kermes", that is the source of natural crimson. The word "kermes" is derived from Arabic/Persian qirmiz, which means "red" or "crimson". There are six species: ⁕Kermes bacciformis Leonardi, 1908 ⁕Kermes corticalis ⁕Kermes gibbosus Signoret, 1875 ⁕Kermes ilicis ⁕Kermes roboris ⁕Kermes vermilio Planchon, 1864

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