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ke•no•siskɪˈnoʊ sɪs(n.)

  1. the doctrine that Christ relinquished His divine attributes so as to experience human suffering.

    Category: Religion

Origin of kenosis:

1835–45; < Gk kénōsis an emptying, =kenō-, var. s. of kenoûn to empty out, drain, der. of kenós empty +-sis -sis

ke•not′ic-ˈnɒt ɪk(adj.)


  1. kenosis(Noun)

    Christ's voluntary divestment of his divine powers.

  2. Origin: From κένωσις, from κενόειν (with reference to Philippians 2.vii, "But he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, becoming as human beings are" – New Jerusalem Version).


  1. Kenosis

    In Christian theology, kenosis is the 'self-emptying' of one's own will and becoming entirely receptive to God's divine will. The word ἐκένωσεν is used in Philippians 2:7, "[Jesus] made himself nothing ..." or "...[he] emptied himself...", using the verb form κενόω "to empty". See also Strong's G2758.


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