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Princeton's WordNet

  1. kelp(noun)

    large brown seaweeds having fluted leathery fronds


  1. kelp(Noun)

    any of several large brown seaweeds (order Laminariales).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Kelp(noun)

    the calcined ashes of seaweed, -- formerly much used in the manufacture of glass, now used in the manufacture of iodine

  2. Kelp(noun)

    any large blackish seaweed


  1. Kelp

    Kelps are large seaweeds belonging to the brown algae in the order Laminariales. There are about 30 different genera. Kelp grows in underwater "forests" in shallow oceans, and is thought to have appeared in Miocene, 23 to 5 million years ago. The organisms require nutrient-rich water with temperatures between 6 and 14 °C. They are known for their high growth rate — the genera Macrocystis and Nereocystis can grow as fast as half a metre a day, ultimately reaching 30 to 80 metres. Through the 19th century, the word "kelp" was closely associated with seaweeds that could be burned to obtain soda ash. The seaweeds used included species from both the orders Laminariales and Fucales. The word "kelp" was also used directly to refer to these processed ashes.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Kelp

    an alkaline substance derived from the ashes of certain sea-weeds, yielding iodine, soda, potass, and certain oils; kelp-burning was formerly a valuable industry in Orkney and the Hebrides.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Kelp

    Large, robust forms of brown algae (PHAEOPHYCEAE) in the order Laminariales. They are a major component of the lower intertidal and sublittoral zones on rocky coasts in temperate and polar waters. Kelp, a kind of SEAWEED, usually refers to species in the genera LAMINARIA or MACROCYSTIS, but the term may also be used for species in FUCUS or Nereocystis.

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