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  1. Kapusta kiszona duszona

    Kapusta kiszona duszona, known to many Polish people simply as kapusta [kah-POOS-tah] which is the Polish word for "cabbage", is a Polish dish of braised sauerkraut or cabbage, bacon, mushroom and onion, or garlic. It is seasoned with salt, pepper and sometimes bay leaf, sugar, paprika and apples. Polish people expect to find the dish at festivals, picnics, and club gatherings where it is served as an accompaniment for kielbasa, meatballs, pork cutlets and other pork dishes. In some homes, kapusta is served very thin, almost like a soup. In others, its ingredients are cooked until it becomes nearly as thick as mashed potatoes. The primary ingredient has been pickled into sauerkraut which is amplified with a mix of mushrooms and onions and meat—fatty pork—either rib meat, bacon, or occasionally smoked kielbasa.

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a type of vegetable with edible (usually green) leaves

He bought a cabbage.

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