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Ka•nu•rikəˈnʊər i(n.)(pl.)-ris; -ri.

  1. a member of an African people living to the W and S of Lake Chad in NE Nigeria and adjacent areas of Niger, Cameroon, and Chad.

    Category: Peoples

  2. the Nilo-Saharan language of the Kanuri.

    Category: Peoples


  1. Kanuri(ProperNoun)

    A Nilo-Saharan language spoken in Niger, Nigeria, and Chad.


  1. Kanuri people

    The Kanuri people are an African ethnic group living largely in the lands of the former Kanem and Bornu Empires: Bornu state in northeastern Nigeria, southeast Niger, western Chad and northern Cameroon. Those generally termed Kanuri include several subgroups and dialect groups, some of whom feel themselves distinct from the Kanuri. Most trace their origins to ruling lineages of the medieval Kanem-Bornu Empire, its client states or provinces. In contrast to neighboring Toubou or Zaghawa pastoralists, Kanuri groups have traditionally been sedentary, engaging in farming, fishing the Lake Chad basin, and engaged in trade and salt processing.


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