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  1. Kaba(ProperNoun)

    the cubic sacred shrine in Mecca, towards which Muslims turn in prayer, and around which they perform circumambulation when they visit the Sacred Mosque at Makkah and also at the time of the hajj pilgrimage; built, according to tradition, by Abraham and Ishmael.

  2. Origin: الكعبة‎


  1. Mount Kaba

    Kaba, a twin volcano with Mount Hitam, has an elongated summit crater complex dominated by three large historically active craters trending ENE from the summit to the upper NE flank. The SW-most crater of Gunung Kaba, Kawah Lama, is the largest. Most historical eruptions have affected only the summit region of the volcano. They mostly originated from the central summit craters, although the upper-NE flank crater Kawah Vogelsang also produced explosions during the 19th and 20th centuries. In 1833 an eruption ejected water from the crater lake, forming lahars that produced damage and fatalities at Talang, Klingi, and Bliti villages.

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