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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

ju•di•cious*dʒuˈdɪʃ əs(adj.)

  1. having, exercising, or characterized by good judgment; discreet, prudent, balanced, or wise:

    judicious use of one's money; a judicious selection.

* Syn: See practical.

Origin of judicious:

1590–1600; < L jūdici(um) judgment (see judicial ); cf. It giudizioso, F judicieux


Princeton's WordNet

  1. judicious, wise, heady(adj)

    marked by the exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

    "judicious use of one's money"; "a wise decision"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. judicious(adjective)ʒuˈdɪʃ əs

    showing or using good judgment

    a judicious use of time; judiciously chosen


  1. judicious(Adjective)

    Having, or characterized by, good judgment or sound thinking

  2. Origin: Based on judicieux, itself based on iudicium.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Judicious(adj)

    of or relating to a court; judicial

  2. Judicious(adj)

    directed or governed by sound judgment; having sound judgment; wise; prudent; sagacious; discreet

The Roycroft Dictionary

  1. judicious

    1. A state of mind wherein things are weighed in an imponderable scale; a conjunction of two negatives in a void. 2. To be wanting in foolishness, character or brains. 3. An exquisite and delicate perception of the difference between two things that are exactly alike, or the total unlikeness between two things that are absolutely different. 4. An umbrella to be carried on clear days as well as on rainy ones, thus protecting the possessor from everything. 5. To lie flat on your puss while the juggernaut of Opinion goes over you; to stand perfectly still between two streetcars going in opposite directions. 6. To see what's coming and avoid it by taking all sides.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


showing wisdom and good sense

a judicious choice of words.

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