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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

judgedʒʌdʒ(n.; v.)judged, judg•ing.

  1. (n.)a public officer authorized to hear and decide cases in a court of law.

    Category: Law

  2. a person appointed to decide in a contest or matter at issue.

  3. a person qualified to pass critical judgment:

    a good judge of horses.

  4. an administrative head of Israel in the period between the death of Joshua and the accession to the throne by Saul.

    Category: Bible

  5. (v.t.)to pass legal judgment on:

    The court judged him not guilty.

  6. to hear evidence or legal arguments in (a case) in order to pass judgment; try.

  7. to form a judgment or opinion of:

    to judge a book by its cover.

  8. to decide or settle authoritatively:

    The censor judged the book obscene.

  9. to infer, think, or hold as an opinion.

  10. to make a careful guess about; estimate:

    I judged the distance to be about two miles.

  11. to act as a judge in (a contest or competition).

  12. (of the ancient Hebrew judges) to govern.

    Category: Bible

  13. (v.i.)to act as a judge; pass judgment.

  14. to form an opinion or estimate.

Origin of judge:

1175–1225; (n.) ME juge < OF < L jūdicem, acc. of jūdex=jūs law, right +-dex (see index ); (v.) ME jugen < OF jugier < L jūdicāre, der. of jūdex


Princeton's WordNet

  1. judgeship, judicature(noun)

    the position of judge


  1. judgeship(Noun)

    The office or status of a judge

Webster Dictionary

  1. Judgeship(noun)

    the office of a judge

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