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  1. Anonymous:

    That Jim Brown. He says he isn't Superman. What he really means is that Superman isn't Jimmy Brown

  2. Diane Foley:

    Jim counted on our government to get them home, jim was very hopeful and confident that our government would find a way. We don't want Jim to have died in vain.

  3. Eduardo Bonilla-Silva:

    The new racism, like God, works in mysterious ways and is quite effective in maintaining white privilege, for example, instead of saying as they used to say during the Jim Crow era that they do not want us as neighbors, they say things nowadays such as 'I am concerned about crime, property values and schools.'.

  4. Michael Bivona:

    Quoted from Interview by "Jim Kramer-The Street-June 17, 2015." Some seniors take part-time jobs during retirement to supplement their income, especially if they have been hurt financially by stock market downturns. Others may choose part-time work to keep busy, to socialize and to maintain their social and mental acuity.

  5. Jim Ambrose:

    It puts me in a position of somebody who is being proactive about their life. One who is acting in defense of Jim Ambrose and others, to couch it that way informs the listener -- often a potential sexual partner -- that I care what you think, but I know enough about Jim Ambrose to know that if you want to perceive me as a victim, cry for me, be disgusted by me or get up and leave, you can do all of those things.


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