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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


or jibb

  1. any of various triangular sails set forward of a forestaysail or fore-topmast staysail.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

  2. the inner one of two such sails, set inward from a flying jib.

    Category: Nautical, Navy

Idioms for jib:

  1. cut of one's jib,one's general appearance.

    Category: Idiom

Origin of jib:

1655–65; orig. uncert.

jibdʒɪb(v.i.; v.t.; n.)jibbed, jib•bing

  1. Category: Nautical, Navy

    Ref: jibe1. 1

jibdʒɪb(v.i.)jibbed, jib•bing.

  1. to balk (usu. fol by at).

    Category: British

Origin of jib:

1805–15; perh. identical with jib2



  1. the projecting arm of a crane.

    Category: Civil Engineering

  2. the boom of a derrick.

    Category: Civil Engineering

Origin of jib:

1755–65; appar. short for gibbet

Princeton's WordNet

  1. jib(verb)

    any triangular fore-and-aft sail (set forward of the foremast)

  2. resist, balk, baulk, jib(verb)

    refuse to comply

  3. jibe, gybe, jib, change course(verb)

    shift from one side of the ship to the other

    "The sail jibbed wildly"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jib(verb)

    a triangular sail set upon a stay or halyard extending from the foremast or fore-topmast to the bowsprit or the jib boom. Large vessels often carry several jibe; as, inner jib; outer jib; flying jib; etc

  2. Jib(verb)

    the projecting arm of a crane, from which the load is suspended

  3. Jib(verb)

    to move restively backward or sidewise, -- said of a horse; to balk


  1. Jib

    A jib is a triangular staysail that sets ahead of the foremast of a sailing vessel. Its tack is fixed to the bowsprit, to the bow, or to the deck between the bowsprit and the foremost mast. Jibs and spinnakers are the two main types of headsails on a modern boat.

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


a three-cornered sail on the front mast of a ship.

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