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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. one of the thin strips of wood or other material used in jackstraws.

    Category: Games

  2. jackstraws, (used with a sing. v.) a game in which piled jackstraws must be picked up, one by one, without disturbing the heap.

    Category: Games

Origin of jackstraw:

1590–1600; earlier, scarecrow, after Jack Straw, name or nickname of one of the leaders of the rebellion headed by Wat Tyler in 1381 in England

Princeton's WordNet

  1. jackstraw, spillikin(noun)

    a thin strip of wood used in playing the game of jackstraws


  1. jackstraw(Noun)

    One of the pieces used for the game variously called jackstraws or pick-up-sticks.

  2. jackstraw(Noun)

    An insignificant person.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jackstraw(noun)

    an effigy stuffed with straw; a scarecrow; hence, a man without property or influence

  2. Jackstraw(noun)

    one of a set of straws of strips of ivory, bone, wood, etc., for playing a child's game, the jackstraws being thrown confusedly together on a table, to be gathered up singly by a hooked instrument, without touching or disturbing the rest of the pile. See Spilikin


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