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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

jac•a•marˈdʒæk əˌmɑr(n.)

  1. any tropical American bird of the family Galbulidae, having a long bill and usu. metallic green plumage above.

    Category: Ornithology

Origin of jacamar:

1640–50; < F < Tupi jacamáciri

Princeton's WordNet

  1. jacamar(noun)

    tropical American insectivorous bird having a long sharp bill and iridescent green or bronze plumage


  1. jacamar(Noun)

    Any of various insectivorous tropical birds, of the family Galbulidae, having iridescent plumage and a long, sharp bill.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jacamar(noun)

    any one of numerous species of tropical American birds of the genus Galbula and allied genera. They are allied to the kingfishers, but climb on tree trunks like nuthatches, and feed upon insects. Their colors are often brilliant


  1. Jacamar

    The jacamars are a family, Galbulidae, of near passerine birds from tropical South and Central America, extending up to Mexico. The order contains five genera and 18 species. The family is closely related to the puffbirds, another Neotropical family, and the two families are often separated into their own order away from the Piciformes, instead being placed in the Galbuliformes. They are principally birds of low altitude woodlands and forests, and particularly of forest edge and canopy.


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