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Princeton's WordNet

  1. iridium, Ir, atomic number 77(noun)

    a heavy brittle metallic element of the platinum group; used in alloys; occurs in natural alloys with platinum or osmium


  1. iridium(n.)

    A rare metallic element of atomic number 77, of the same group as platinum, which it much resembles, being silver-white and indifferent to most corrosive agents, but harder, more brittle, and with a higher melting temperature (2410

  2. Origin: [NL., fr. L. iris, iridis, the rainbow. So called from the iridescence of some of its solutions. See Iris.]


  1. iridium(Noun)

    A metallic chemical element (symbol Ir) with an atomic number of 77.

  2. Origin: ἶρις (because of the bright colour of many of iridium's salts)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Iridium(noun)

    a rare metallic element, of the same group as platinum, which it much resembles, being silver-white, but harder, and brittle, and indifferent to most corrosive agents. With the exception of osmium, it is the heaviest substance known, its specific gravity being 22.4. Symbol Ir. Atomic weight 192.5

  2. Origin: [NL., fr. L. iris, iridis, the rainbow. So called from the iridescence of some of its solutions. See Iris.]

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Iridium

    a metallic elementary body of rare occurrence, and found in the ores of platinum.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Iridium

    A metallic element with the atomic symbol Ir, atomic number 77, and atomic weight 192.22.


  1. Iridium Communications

    Iridium Communications Inc. is a company, based in McLean, Virginia, United States which operates the Iridium satellite constellation, a system of 66 active satellites used for worldwide voice and data communication from hand-held satellite phones and other transceiver units. The Iridium network is unique in that it covers the whole Earth, including poles, oceans and airways. The company derives its name from the chemical element iridium. The number of satellites projected in the early stages of planning was 77, the atomic number of iridium, evoking the metaphor of 77 electrons orbiting the nucleus. The satellites are frequently visible in the night sky as satellite flares, a phenomenon typically observed as short-lived bright flashes of light.

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Louise Hartley:

    You have the antenna attached to the top here, and then you would have a battery pack attached to the bottom here. When an image is taken there's a separate unit called the satellite node, and the images are sent via radio frequency to the satellite node and then the satellite node uses the Iridium Satellite Network to send that image to where you need it.

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