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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

i•ras•ci•bleɪˈræs ə bəl(adj.)

  1. easily provoked to anger; very irritable.

  2. characterized or produced by anger:

    an irascible response.

Origin of irascible:

1350–1400; ME irascibel < LL īrāscibilis, der. of L īrāsc(ī) to grow angry


Princeton's WordNet

  1. choleric, irascible, hotheaded, hot-tempered, quick-tempered, short-tempered(adj)

    quickly aroused to anger

    "a hotheaded commander"

  2. choleric, irascible(adj)

    characterized by anger

    "a choleric outburst"; "an irascible response"


  1. irascible(Adjective)

    Easily provoked to outbursts of anger; irritable.

  2. Origin: From irascible, from irascibilis.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Irascible(adj)

    prone to anger; easily provoked or inflamed to anger; choleric; irritable; as, an irascible man; an irascible temper or mood

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


irritable; easily made angry.

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