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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•se•cureˌɪn sɪˈkyʊər(adj.)(pl.)

  1. subject to fears, doubts, etc.; not confident or assured:

    an insecure person.

  2. not safe; exposed or liable to risk or danger:

    insecure borders.

  3. not firmly or reliably placed or fastened:

    an insecure ladder.

Origin of insecure:

1640–50; < ML


Princeton's WordNet

  1. insecure(adj)

    not firm or firmly fixed; likely to fail or give way

    "the hinge is insecure"

  2. insecure, unsafe(adj)

    lacking in security or safety

    "his fortune was increasingly insecure"; "an insecure future"

  3. insecure(adj)

    lacking self-confidence or assurance

    "an insecure person lacking mental stability"

  4. insecure, unsafe(adj)

    not safe from attack

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. insecure(adjective)ˌɪn sɪˈkyʊər

    ≠ secure

    As a child, I was very insecure.; insecure teenagers

  2. insecureˌɪn sɪˈkyʊər

    ≠ secure

    an insecure Internet connection


  1. insecure(Adjective)

    Not secure.

  2. insecure(Adjective)

    Not comfortable or confident in oneself or in certain situations.

    He's a nice guy and all, but seems to be rather insecure around other people.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Insecure(adj)

    not secure; not confident of safety or permanence; distrustful; suspicious; apprehensive of danger or loss

  2. Insecure(adj)

    not effectually guarded, protected, or sustained; unsafe; unstable; exposed to danger or loss

Anagrams of insecure

  1. sinecure

Translations for insecure

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


unsure of oneself or lacking confidence

Whenever he was in a crowd of people he felt anxious and insecure.

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