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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•im•i•calɪˈnɪm ɪ kəl(adj.)

  1. adverse in tendency or effect; unfavorable; harmful:

    conditions inimical to health.

  2. unfriendly; hostile:

    a cold, inimical gaze.

Origin of inimical:

1635–45; < L inimīc(us) unfriendly, hostile



Princeton's WordNet

  1. unfriendly, inimical(adj)

    not friendly

    "an unfriendly act of aggression"; "an inimical critic"


  1. inimical(Adjective)

    Harmful in effect

    Suicide is inimical to the health of the participant.

  2. inimical(Adjective)

    unfriendly; hostile

    Her inimical attitude precludes romance.

  3. Origin: From the inimicus “enemy”; in- not and amicus friendly.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Inimical(adj)

    having the disposition or temper of an enemy; unfriendly; unfavorable; -- chiefly applied to private, as hostile is to public, enmity

  2. Inimical(adj)

    opposed in tendency, influence, or effects; antagonistic; inconsistent; incompatible; adverse; repugnant


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