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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•her•ent*ɪnˈhɪər ənt, -ˈhɛr-(adj.)

  1. existing in someone or something as a permanent and inseparable element, quality, or attribute; innate.

* Syn: See essential.

Origin of inherent:

1570–80; < L


Princeton's WordNet

  1. built-in, constitutional, inbuilt, inherent, integral(adj)

    existing as an essential constituent or characteristic

    "the Ptolemaic system with its built-in concept of periodicity"; "a constitutional inability to tell the truth"

  2. implicit in(p), inherent, underlying(adj)

    in the nature of something though not readily apparent

    "shortcomings inherent in our approach"; "an underlying meaning"


  1. inherent(Adjective)

    naturally a part or consequence of something.

    You are a human being. You have rights inherent in that reality. You have dignity and worth that exists prior to law. uE000152494uE001 (Lyn Beth Neylon).

  2. Origin: From inhaerentem, accusative singular of inhaerens, present active participle of inhaereo.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Inherent(adj)

    permanently existing in something; inseparably attached or connected; naturally pertaining to; innate; inalienable; as, polarity is an inherent quality of the magnet; the inherent right of men to life, liberty, and protection



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British National Corpus

  1. Adjectives Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'inherent' in Adjectives Frequency: #851

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


inborn; forming a natural or inseparable part or quality of

the dangers inherent in nuclear energy; an inherent hatred of foreigners.

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