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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•ef•fec•tu•alˌɪn ɪˈfɛk tʃu əl(adj.)

  1. not effectual; producing no satisfactory or decisive effect:

    an ineffectual remedy.

  2. unavailing; futile:

    ineffectual efforts.

Origin of ineffectual:



Princeton's WordNet

  1. ineffective, uneffective, ineffectual(adj)

    not producing an intended effect

    "an ineffective teacher"; "ineffective legislation"

  2. futile, ineffectual, otiose, unavailing(adj)

    producing no result or effect

    "a futile effort"; "the therapy was ineffectual"; "an otiose undertaking"; "an unavailing attempt"

  3. ineffective, ineffectual, unable(adj)

    lacking in power or forcefulness

    "an ineffectual ruler"; "like an unable phoenix in hot ashes"


  1. ineffectual(Adjective)

    unable or insufficient to produce effect; futile

    After several ineffectual and abortive leaps, we were forced to lift him over the obstacle.

  2. ineffectual(Adjective)


  3. ineffectual(Adjective)

    weak; lacking forcefulness

    Our group leader proved highly ineffectual, caving to every whim put forth by the other members.

  4. Origin: in- "not" + effectual "having effect"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ineffectual(adj)

    not producing the proper effect; without effect; inefficient; weak; useless; futile; unavailing; as, an ineffectual attempt; an ineffectual expedient

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


not producing any result or the desired result

His attempts to keep order in the classroom were quite ineffectual.

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