Definitions for incorrigibleɪnˈkɔr ɪ dʒə bəl, -ˈkɒr-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•cor•ri•gi•bleɪnˈkɔr ɪ dʒə bəl, -ˈkɒr-(adj.)

  1. bad beyond reform:

    an incorrigible liar.

  2. unruly; uncontrollable:

    an incorrigible child.

  3. firmly fixed; not easily changed.

  4. not easily influenced:

    an incorrigible optimist.

Origin of incorrigible:

1300–50; ME < LL incorrigibilis


Princeton's WordNet

  1. incorrigible(adj)

    impervious to correction by punishment


  1. incorrigible(Noun)

    An incorrigibly bad individual

    The incorrigibles in the prison population are either lifers or habitual reoffenders

  2. incorrigible(Adjective)

    defective and impossible to materially correct or set aright.

    The construction flaw is incorrigible; any attempt to amend it would cause a complete collapse.

  3. incorrigible(Adjective)

    incurably depraved; not reformable.

    His dark soul was too incorrigible to repent, even at his execution.

  4. incorrigible(Adjective)

    impervious to correction by punishment or pain.

    The imp is incorrigible: his bottom is still red from his last spanking when he plans the next prank.

  5. incorrigible(Adjective)


  6. incorrigible(Adjective)

    determined, unalterable, hence impossible to improve upon.

    The laws of nature and mathematics are incorrigible.

  7. incorrigible(Adjective)


  8. Origin: Recorded since 1340, from incorrigible (1334), or directly from incorrigibilis, from in- "not" + corrigere "to correct" + -ibilis "-able".

Webster Dictionary

  1. Incorrigible(adj)

    not corrigible; incapable of being corrected or amended; bad beyond correction; irreclaimable; as, incorrigible error

  2. Incorrigible(noun)

    one who is corrigible; especially, a hardened criminal; as, the perpetual imprisonment of incorrigibles

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too bad to be corrected or improved.

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