Definitions for incorporateɪnˈkɔr pəˌreɪt; -pər ɪt, -prɪt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•cor•po•rateɪnˈkɔr pəˌreɪt; -pər ɪt, -prɪt(v.; adj.)-rat•ed, -rat•ing

  1. (v.t.)to form into a corporation.

    Category: Business, Law

  2. to introduce as an integral part:

    to incorporate revisions into a text.

  3. to include as a part :

    His book incorporates his earlier essay.

  4. to combine into one body or uniform substance.

  5. to embody:

    It incorporates all her thinking on the subject.

  6. to form into a society or organization.

  7. (v.i.)to form a legal corporation.

    Category: Business, Law

  8. to combine so as to form one body.

  9. (adj.)incorporated.

    Category: Business, Law

Origin of incorporate:

1350–1400; ME < LL incorporāre to embody


Princeton's WordNet

  1. incorporate, incorporated, integrated, merged, unified(verb)

    formed or united into a whole

  2. integrate, incorporate(verb)

    make into a whole or make part of a whole

    "She incorporated his suggestions into her proposal"

  3. incorporate, contain, comprise(verb)

    include or contain; have as a component

    "A totally new idea is comprised in this paper"; "The record contains many old songs from the 1930's"

  4. incorporate(verb)

    form a corporation

  5. incorporate(verb)

    unite or merge with something already in existence

    "incorporate this document with those pertaining to the same case"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. incorporate(verb)ɪnˈkɔr pəˌreɪt; adj. -pər ɪt, -prɪt

    to include or make part of

    We've incorporated the best features of the old model into the new one.


  1. incorporate(Verb)

    To include (something) as a part.

    The design of his house incorporates a spiral staircase.

  2. incorporate(Verb)

    To mix (something in) as an ingredient; to blend

    Incorporate air into the mixture.

  3. incorporate(Verb)

    To admit as a member of a company

  4. incorporate(Verb)

    To form into a legal company.

    The company was incorporated in 1980,

  5. incorporate(Verb)

    In United States constitutional law, to make the powers of the states be limited by the Bill of Rights

Webster Dictionary

  1. Incorporate(adj)

    not consisting of matter; not having a material body; incorporeal; spiritual

  2. Incorporate(adj)

    not incorporated; not existing as a corporation; as, an incorporate banking association

  3. Incorporate(adj)

    corporate; incorporated; made one body, or united in one body; associated; mixed together; combined; embodied

  4. Incorporate(verb)

    to form into a body; to combine, as different ingredients. into one consistent mass

  5. Incorporate(verb)

    to unite with a material body; to give a material form to; to embody

  6. Incorporate(verb)

    to unite with, or introduce into, a mass already formed; as, to incorporate copper with silver; -- used with with and into

  7. Incorporate(verb)

    to unite intimately; to blend; to assimilate; to combine into a structure or organization, whether material or mental; as, to incorporate provinces into the realm; to incorporate another's ideas into one's work

  8. Incorporate(verb)

    to form into a legal body, or body politic; to constitute into a corporation recognized by law, with special functions, rights, duties and liabilities; as, to incorporate a bank, a railroad company, a city or town, etc

  9. Incorporate(verb)

    to unite in one body so as to make a part of it; to be mixed or blended; -- usually followed by with

British National Corpus

  1. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'incorporate' in Verbs Frequency: #451

Anagrams of incorporate

  1. procreation

Translations for incorporate

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to contain or include as part of the whole

The shopping centre incorporates a library and a bank.

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