Definitions for inconsiderateˌɪn kənˈsɪd ər ɪt

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

in•con•sid•er•ateˌɪn kənˈsɪd ər ɪt(adj.)

  1. lacking regard for the rights or feelings of others.

  2. thoughtless; heedless.

  3. overhasty; rash.

Origin of inconsiderate:

1425–75; late ME < L



Princeton's WordNet

  1. inconsiderate(adj)

    lacking regard for the rights or feelings of others

    "shockingly inconsiderate behavior"

  2. inconsiderate, unconsidered(adj)

    without proper consideration or reflection

    "slovenly inconsiderate reasoning"; "unconsidered words"; "prejudice is the holding of unconsidered opinions"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. inconsiderate(adjective)ˌɪn kənˈsɪd ər ɪt

    not caring about other people's needs or feelings

    inconsiderate drivers; It's inconsiderate of them to play such loud music.


  1. inconsiderate(Adjective)

    Not considerate of others, thoughtless.

    Failing to replace the roll after using last of the toilet paper is very inconsiderate.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Inconsiderate(adj)

    not considerate; not attentive to safety or to propriety; not regarding the rights or feelings of others; hasty; careless; thoughtless; heedless; as, the young are generally inconsiderate; inconsiderate conduct

  2. Inconsiderate(adj)


Anagrams of inconsiderate

  1. containerised

Translations for inconsiderate

Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


not showing thought for the feelings, rights etc of other people; thoughtless

It was inconsiderate of you to arrive without telephoning first.

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