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Princeton's WordNet

  1. incompetent, incompetent person(adj)

    someone who is not competent to take effective action

  2. incompetent, unqualified(adj)

    legally not qualified or sufficient

    "a wife is usually considered unqualified to testify against her husband"; "incompetent witnesses"

  3. incompetent(adj)

    not qualified or suited for a purpose

    "an incompetent secret service"; "the filming was hopeless incompetent"

  4. bungling, clumsy, fumbling, incompetent(adj)

    showing lack of skill or aptitude

    "a bungling workman"; "did a clumsy job"; "his fumbling attempt to put up a shelf"

  5. incompetent, unskilled(adj)

    not doing a good job

    "incompetent at chess"

  6. incapable, incompetent, unequal to(p)(adj)

    not meeting requirements

    "unequal to the demands put upon him"


  1. incompetent(Noun)

    A person who is incompetent.

  2. incompetent(Adjective)

    Unskilled, lacking normally expected degree of ability, Northern Victorian Irrigation Renewal Project like see ombudsmans report.

    Having an incompetent lawyer may be grounds for a retrial, but the lawyer in question probably doesn't know that.

  3. incompetent(Adjective)

    Unable to make rational decisions, insane or otherwise cognitively impaired.

    The charged was judged incompetent to stand trial, at least until his medication started working.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Incompetent(adj)

    not competent; wanting in adequate strength, power, capacity, means, qualifications, or the like; incapable; unable; inadequate; unfit

  2. Incompetent(adj)

    wanting the legal or constitutional qualifications; inadmissible; as, a person professedly wanting in religious belief is an incompetent witness in a court of law or equity; incompetent evidence

  3. Incompetent(adj)

    not lying within one's competency, capacity, or authorized power; not permissible

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