Definitions for incivilityˌɪn səˈvɪl ɪ ti

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. incivility(noun)

    deliberate discourtesy


  1. incivility(Noun)

    The quality or state of being uncivil; want of courtesy; rudeness of manner; impoliteness.

  2. incivility(Noun)

    Any act of rudeness or ill breeding.

  3. incivility(Noun)

    Want of civilization; a state of rudeness or barbarism.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Incivility(noun)

    the quality or state of being uncivil; want of courtesy; rudeness of manner; impoliteness

  2. Incivility(noun)

    any act of rudeness or ill breeding

  3. Incivility(noun)

    want of civilization; a state of rudeness or barbarism


  1. Incivility

    Incivility is a general term for social behaviour lacking in civility or good manners, on a scale from rudeness or lack of respect for elders, to vandalism and hooliganism, through public drunkenness and threatening behaviour. The word "incivility" is derived from the Latin incivilis, meaning "not of a citizen". The distinction between plain rudeness, and perceived incivility as threat, will depend on some notion of civility as structural to society; incivility as anything more ominous than bad manners is therefore dependent on appeal to notions like its antagonism to the complex concepts of civic virtue or civil society. It has become a contemporary political issue in a number of countries.

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