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Random House Webster's College Dictionary


  1. to challenge as false; cast doubt upon:

    The lawyer impugned the witness's story.

  2. Archaic. to vilify.

Origin of impugn:

1325–75; ME < MF impugner < L impugnāre to attack =im-im -1+pugnāre to fight, der. of pugnus fist


Princeton's WordNet

  1. impugn(verb)

    attack as false or wrong


  1. impugn(Verb)

    To assault, attack.

  2. impugn(Verb)

    To verbally assault, especially to argue against an opinion, motive, or action; to question the truth or validity of.

  3. Origin: From impugno, from in- + pugno, from pugnus (as in English pugilism), from roots.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Impugn(verb)

    to attack by words or arguments; to contradict; to assail; to call in question; to make insinuations against; to gainsay; to oppose

Anagrams of impugn

  1. umping


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