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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

im•prac•ti•calɪmˈpræk tɪ kəl(adj.)

  1. not practical or useful.

  2. incapable of dealing sensibly with practical matters.

  3. idealistic.

  4. impracticable.

Origin of impractical:




Princeton's WordNet

  1. impractical(adj)

    not practical; not workable or not given to practical matters

    "refloating the ship proved impractical because of the expense"; "he is intelligent but too impractical for commercial work"; "an impractical solution"

  2. airy, impractical, visionary, Laputan, windy(adj)

    not practical or realizable; speculative

    "airy theories about socioeconomic improvement"; "visionary schemes for getting rich"

Kernerman English Learner's Dictionary

  1. impractical(adjective)ɪmˈpræk tɪ kəl

    not sensible or reasonable

    an impractical proposal; Her husband is very impractical.


  1. impractical(Adjective)

    Not practical; impracticable.

  2. Origin: From im- + practical

Webster Dictionary

  1. Impractical(adj)

    not practical

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


lacking common sense

an impractical person/suggestion.

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