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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

im•merse*ɪˈmɜrs(v.t.)-mersed, -mers•ing.

  1. to plunge into or place under a liquid; dip; sink.

  2. to involve deeply; absorb:

    immersed in her law practice.

  3. to baptize by immersion.

* Syn: See dip1.

Origin of immerse:

1595–1605; < L immersus, ptp. of immergere; see immerge


Princeton's WordNet

  1. immerse, plunge(verb)

    thrust or throw into

    "Immerse yourself in hot water"

  2. steep, immerse, engulf, plunge, engross, absorb, soak up(verb)

    devote (oneself) fully to

    "He immersed himself into his studies"

  3. immerse, swallow, swallow up, bury, eat up(verb)

    enclose or envelop completely, as if by swallowing

    "The huge waves swallowed the small boat and it sank shortly thereafter"

  4. plunge, immerse(verb)

    cause to be immersed

    "The professor plunged his students into the study of the Italian text"


  1. immerse(Verb)

    To put under the surface of a liquid; to dunk.

    Archimedes determined the volume of objects by immersing them in water.

  2. immerse(Verb)

    To involve deeply

    The sculptor immersed himself in anatomic studies.

  3. Origin: From immersus, from immergō, from in + mergō.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Immerse(adj)

    immersed; buried; hid; sunk

  2. Immerse(verb)

    to plunge into anything that surrounds or covers, especially into a fluid; to dip; to sink; to bury; to immerge

  3. Immerse(verb)

    to baptize by immersion

  4. Immerse(verb)

    to engage deeply; to engross the attention of; to involve; to overhelm

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Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary


to put completely under the surface of a liquid

She immersed the vegetables in boiling water.

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