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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

il•lu•mi•na•tionɪˌlu məˈneɪ ʃən(n.)

  1. an act or instance of illuminating.

  2. the state of being illuminated.

  3. a decoration of lights.

  4. Sometimes, illuminations. a display using lights as a major decoration.

  5. intellectual or spiritual enlightenment.

  6. the intensity of light falling at a given place on a lighted surface; the luminous flux incident per unit area, expressed in lumens per unit of area.

    Category: Optics

  7. a supply of light.

  8. decoration of a manuscript or book with a painted design in color and gold or silver.

    Category: Fine Arts

  9. a design used in such decoration.

    Category: Fine Arts

Origin of illumination:

1300–50; ME < L

Princeton's WordNet

  1. light, illumination(noun)

    a condition of spiritual awareness; divine illumination

    "follow God's light"

  2. illumination(noun)

    the degree of visibility of your environment

  3. clarification, elucidation, illumination(noun)

    an interpretation that removes obstacles to understanding

    "the professor's clarification helped her to understand the textbook"

  4. illuminance, illumination(noun)

    the luminous flux incident on a unit area

  5. miniature, illumination(noun)

    painting or drawing included in a book (especially in illuminated medieval manuscripts)


  1. illumination(Noun)

    The act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated.

  2. illumination(Noun)

    Festive decoration of houses or buildings with lights.

  3. illumination(Noun)

    Adornment of books and manuscripts with colored illustrations. See illuminate (transitive verb).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Illumination(noun)

    the act of illuminating, or supplying with light; the state of being illuminated

  2. Illumination(noun)

    festive decoration of houses or buildings with lights

  3. Illumination(noun)

    adornment of books and manuscripts with colored illustrations. See Illuminate, v. t., 3

  4. Illumination(verb)

    that which is illuminated, as a house; also, an ornamented book or manuscript

  5. Illumination(verb)

    that which illuminates or gives light; brightness; splendor; especially, intellectual light or knowledge

  6. Illumination(verb)

    the special communication of knowledge to the mind by God; inspiration


  1. Illumination

    Illumination is an album by R&B band Earth, Wind & Fire. It was released in September 2005 on Sanctuary Records. It featured collaborations with several artists including Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, Kenny G, Kelly Rowland,, and Brian McKnight. Illumination debuted at number 32 on the Billboard 200 Chart, and number 8 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart.

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the act of illuminating.

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