Definitions for idiosyncrasyˌɪd i əˈsɪŋ krə si, -ˈsɪn-

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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

id•i•o•syn•cra•sy*ˌɪd i əˈsɪŋ krə si, -ˈsɪn-(n.)(pl.)-sies.

  1. a characteristic, habit, mannerism, etc., that is peculiar to or distinctive of an individual.

  2. the physical or mental constitution peculiar to an individual.

  3. a peculiarity of the physical or mental constitution, esp. a sensitivity to drugs, food, etc.

    Category: Physiology, Psychology

* Syn: See eccentricity.

Origin of idiosyncrasy:

1595–1605; < Gk idiosynkrāsía=idio-idio-+syn-syn-+krâsis a blending +-ia-y3


Princeton's WordNet

  1. idiosyncrasy, foible, mannerism(noun)

    a behavioral attribute that is distinctive and peculiar to an individual


  1. idiosyncrasy(Noun)

    A behavior or way of thinking that is characteristic of a person.

  2. idiosyncrasy(Noun)

    A language or behaviour that is particular to an individual or group.

  3. idiosyncrasy(Noun)

    A peculiar individual reaction to a generally innocuous substance or factor.

  4. idiosyncrasy(Noun)

    A peculiarity that serves to distinguish or identify.

    He mastered the idiosyncrasies of English spelling.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Idiosyncrasy(noun)

    a peculiarity of physical or mental constitution or temperament; a characteristic belonging to, and distinguishing, an individual; characteristic susceptibility; idiocrasy; eccentricity


  1. Idiosyncrasy

    An idiosyncrasy is an unusual feature of a person. It also means odd habit. The term is often used to express eccentricity or peculiarity. A synonym may be "quirk".


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