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Random House Webster's College Dictionary

i•con•o•clastaɪˈkɒn əˌklæst(n.)

  1. a person who attacks cherished beliefs or traditional institutions as being based on error or superstition.

  2. a breaker or destroyer of images, esp. those set up for religious veneration.

Origin of iconoclast:

1590–1600; < ML īconoclastēs < MGk eikonoklástēs= Gk eikono-icono - +-klastēs breaker, agentive der. of klân to break


Princeton's WordNet

  1. iconoclast, image breaker(noun)

    a destroyer of images used in religious worship

  2. iconoclast(noun)

    someone who attacks cherished ideas or traditional institutions


  1. iconoclast(Noun)

    One who destroys religious images or icons, especially an opponent of the Orthodox Church in the 8th and 9th centuries, or a Puritan during the European Reformation.

  2. iconoclast(Noun)

    One who opposes orthodoxy and religion; one who adheres to the doctrine of iconoclasm.

  3. iconoclast(Noun)

    One who attacks cherished beliefs.

  4. Origin: From εἰκονοκλάστης.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Iconoclast(noun)

    a breaker or destroyer of images or idols; a determined enemy of idol worship

  2. Iconoclast(noun)

    one who exposes or destroys impositions or shams; one who attacks cherished beliefs; a radical


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